Viper Powersports GPS lets you locate your ATV, UTV or Snowmobile, using your smartphone and the Viper app. Using the latest cloud connected technology Viper Powersports helps you Secure It, Find It, Keep It! No matter what, your ride is monitored and protected.


  • Small, water-resistant GPS system for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and more
  • Integrated with Viper SmartStart app so users can see and control all of their vehicles (compatible with SmartStart v4.4 or higher mobile app)
  • Locate your power sports vehicle if stolen
  • Receive speed or location-based alerts
  • Ultra-low current consumption with low battery alert
  • Perfect for small battery systems or stored vehicles
  • Built-in impact and movement sensing, with Tilt and Tow alerts
  • Starter disable output
  • Speed, Lockdown, and SmartFence alerts
  • Water mode: optimizes sleep mode and location updates for boats & watercraft that are afloat
  • Built-in battery with tamper alerting

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Viper Powersports GPS System

Product Information

  • Product Number: VPSC450
  • $599.95¢